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Making Eating Easier and More Enjoyable with our Selection of Foods Tailored to a Dysphagia Diet

Undiluted Texture Modified Food

Steamed Fish, Rice and Vegetables (level 4 puree)

Individual Packaged Products to Suit Your Appetite

Your Meal, Your Way

Available in Level 4 Puree or Level 5 Minced Moist

Benefits You Can See and Taste

Nutrient Dense For Your Wellbeing

When good nutrition matters, enjoy the full, undiluted flavour of 100% Australian chicken breast - no stocks or gravy blended in. Complete the meal with individually packaged pureed vegetables.

Holds Shape After Heating

Take pride in your meal presentation. Our IDDSI level 4 Pureed or level 5 Minced and Moist meal components are moulded for visual appeal that retain their shape even after heating.

Components for endless combinations

Chicken Stir fry

Plate up a deliciously smooth Chicken and Vegetable texture modified stir fry.

Components include:

100% undiluted pureed chicken, carrot and broccoli together with a tasty stir fry sauce and rice.

All products are texture modified and packaged individually to suit dietary requirements.

Also available in Beef, Lamb, Fish or Pork.

Quality and Care

Jon, Ben and his team at Smooth Dining continually demonstrate true generosity, understanding and interest in those with swallowing issues. As a speech pathologist it is a pleasure to work with these guys - nothing ever seems to be too much trouble. Their product is superior to all others I have seen on the market, in taste, nutrition, presentation and cost. There is NO excuse for NH's or any other institution to be providing non-nutritious and unappealing puree (or minced) meals with Smooth Dining available across most of the country. Thank you guys for caring to provide this niche product to the everyday person. Cheers
Jo Harris, Speech Pathologist QLD

Texture Modified Fish

Texture Modified Fish from Smooth Dining on Vimeo.

Fish is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B2, vitamin D and several minerals including iron, zinc and magnesium...and the way we prepare our texture modified fish retains all that natural goodness.

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Texture Modified Casserole

Tomato & Beef Casserole from Smooth Dining on Vimeo.

Is someone you care for restricted by what they can eat because of dysphagia or other swallowing difficulties? Then you have likely experienced the challenge of finding great tasting and great looking products that haven't been watered down with stocks, gravy or other liquids. That is, until now...introducing Smooth Dining texture modified foods. Undiluted for true-to-taste flavour and nutritional benefit. 

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